Your business in Assen

Assen, your first choice!

As the capital of Drenthe, Assen is the gateway to a region with around 500.000 inhabitants. Living conditions in and around Assen are excellent. All facilities are available. Assen is situated in a lush green environment with beautiful nature within walking distance. Assen is easily accessible with direct links to important economic centers in the Netherlands and Northeast Europe. The city is eager to assist new or existing entrepreneurs. We can help you to find staff, a location or arrange procedures and explore subsidies. Please contact economic affairs for information and assistance.

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With its diversified selection of shops, state-of-the-art hospital, re-knowned museum, its pittoresk harbour in the city centre and renewed theatre with various cinema’s and stages, Assen offers you anything you might expect from a modern city. The nine districts have their own shopping and community centers, schools, sport accommodations and playing fields. The city offers a wide range of housing and you can rent or buy at every price level.